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I'm Eric the wine guy.

I am fortunate that I was able to make a career of a passion. I started 20 years ago as the East Coast Manager for Yvon Mau of Bordeaux. In addition to managing the entire East Coast, I was also part of the team for selecting the wine to import into the US. My experience in the wine industry gave me opportunities to visit the most prestigious wine areas and wineries all over the world: Argentina, Chile, France, (Bordeaux, Champagnes, Rhone Valley, Loire Valley, Burgundy, Languedoc, Provence), Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Germany, California.


I am currently the Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager for an exceptional Wine Import Company. We import from estates producing benchmark wines of provenance from the most heralded regions in the world. After 20 years in the wine industry, I continue to love my job and follow my passion. 


My goal is to demystify wines and advance your knowledge about wine. I look forward to planning an entertaining tasting for you and your friends.






Why “Eric the Wine Guy”: For the last twenty years this is the nickname that the trade gave me and I embraced it immediately.


Don’t hesitate to call me Eric the wine guy or just Eric.

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